Poems Between Lovers

January 20, 2014

How many years

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Love – Love

Miracle Max believed in True Love yet
I’m not so sure I do. True is defined
as – conforming with reality, or
not pretended; it is commitment,
faithful – honest – even as accurate.

Love is defined as tender affection,
desire – romantic or sexual.
I believe in desire, even lust.
Either can be pretended – not real;
either can be faithful – accurate.

Nothing about how I feel is defined
with these words. It simply exists inside.
I know life can be a game we all play.
Why do I feel the game score is love – love?
~ Siobhan




January 14, 2009

Lunchtime may never be the same…

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Perfect Moments


It could have been a French Bistro, and our

faithful Steiner the maitre d’. One lush

tomato, two luscious steaks flavored with

pepper and brandy, and potatoes mashed

with garlic. (Too bad lunch must cry for wine

and hear no answer.) We two made for a

friendly crowd unto ourselves. Another

perfect moment of Now – a few kisses

washed down with filtered water – oh, did I

mention missing the wine? – parting words in

a language only you and I know. The

roughness of my hands cause crackles like spark

sounds as I slide them down your wool pants. A

promised future – parting, we wave kisses.


~ David



Garlic Kiss


The taste of garlic mingles in our kiss

and you smile a laugh in my direction.

Who needs wine for such simple pleasures as

we share, love? Not me. I relish the taste

of you, the way you look at me across

the table – breakfast, lunch, or late supper,

by candlelight or moon, day’s full sunshine

it matters not to me as long as you

and I share the time. Electricity

jumps between us, arching across the space

igniting the passion that curls below

the surface whenever you are near me.

Your hands slide along wool while I wrap my

arms around you for one more garlic kiss.


~ Siobhan

Sonnet topics range from classic to modern

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Here is a sample of the poems you will find in this marvelous collection:

You are not Orpheus

 You are not Orpheus, love, nor would I
have you be, and I will not slip in to
Hades hands. Understand my love is new
even when mundane is the order of
the day and I wish for words of passion
and wit. My days are incomplete without
a kiss from your lips, in a smile or pout.
Fanciful dreams in romantic fashion
still find their way into the world around
me, but now my prince has a face I can see
and when I look in your eyes, I see me.
My name in your voice is sweeter, I say
more musical than any poetry,
or song, Orpheus ever thought to play.

~ Siobhan

Aphrodite in Your Shadow

 So well you take me as I am. I fear
to imagine what would be should that fair-
fortuned force that fogs your eyes suddenly
shed the scales that put me in your vision
as you describe it. I see no such man
within my mirror, but thank the heavens
that you see me so. And how do I see
you? Aphrodite shone as bright, I’m sure,
yet your steadfast nature is earth scented,
unlike Venus’s too fickle fragrances,
therefore so much the more desirable.
Yet, how can I compare you and be fair
when she is myth and you of fleshly make
she I wonder of-you I worldly hold.

~ David

What is this book?

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After the Vows: Poems Between Lovers is a fantastic collection of 120+ sonnets – wonderfully diverse poems on a broad range of topics – by Siobhan M and David M Pitchford.  This collection shows the early and developing life of a longterm relationship between two highly articulate people.  It’s a great read, especially for Romantics who need a model for practical romance or for cynics who need the same.

Here is the link – please buy the book… http://www.cyberwizardproductions.com/diminuendo/vows.html

Poems Between Lovers

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